Marriage dissolution is one of the hardest decisions to make and undertake. Besides the emotional strain, deciding on the most appropriate spousal support, child support, property division, children’s custody rights can prove to be daunting and stressful.

In case you want to file for divorce in Austin, or your divorce papers are already issued to you, it would be best to look for a highly experienced Austin Divorce Lawyer for a considerate hearing.

There are several reasons why divorce attorneys are essential when dissolving a marriage, and if you want things to turn out in your best interest, contacting one skilled lawyer isn’t a bad idea.

Why you need a divorce lawyer

Using a divorce lawyer’s help to dissolve your marriage has an array of benefits; some of them include;

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1. Reduces stress

Usually, the divorce process is a series of emotional strain, and following all the legal processes by yourself can be overwhelming. To avoid all the divorce procedures and stress, you can hire an Austin Divorce Lawyer to represent you.

By so doing, you’ll have more time and space to take care of yourself and your children (if you have any) during that hard time.

2. A reasonable settlement

During a divorce, many things need consideration and proper negotiation, for example, money and property division and custody rights.

Besides, a divorce can be successful if it involves someone who understands

With an expert divorce attorney, you’ll increase your chances of getting the best divorce settlement possible regardless of the situation.

3. Handles legal paperwork as required

Divorces typically involve a lot of paperwork. Some of the critical divorce documents are asset documents, marriage certificates, plus other essential legal documentations. Understanding and handling all the divorce terminologies and procedures can be hectic if you have no experience; this is when a divorce attorney becomes handy; to ensure you do everything by the book.

Divorce cost in Austin

The divorce process isn’t usually a walk in the park. If you’re from Austin and planning a divorce, you must be wondering the cost and time it’ll take for the process to end. Statistically speaking, about 50% of United States marriages end with a divorce.

In Texas, about 70% of divorced people hired a lawyer, who mostly charge per hour. Therefore, your divorce budget should strongly consider the hourly rates and the total hours needed to resolve the case successfully.

Mostly, the hourly rates range between $260-$320, which varies depending on the lawyer’s expertise level and location. Generally, it will cost you at least $11 000 for a lawyer to work on your case.

You can pay lower if you go for a consulting lawyer. Still, such lawyers will only help you in particular areas of your case, such as acting as a mediation representative.

Why should you hire a skilled Austin Divorce Attorney Near Me?

Depending on your case’s complexity, the divorce lawyer will ensure you get a fairer agreement using the approach possible. Sometimes, your divorce case doesn’t have to go to court.

Your lawyer can represent your best interests through mediation or negotiation to avoid litigation. Nonetheless, a skilled lawyer will always be ready to represent you well in court if the need arises.

Some of the benefits of using a divorce lawyer during mediation include; you don’t have to share private family matters with the magistrate. Additionally, they can provide reasonable solutions for the current situation, and you’ll remain in charge of your divorce’s important decisions.

The divorce procedure in Austin

Getting divorced usually occurs in several steps. The divorce process in Austin includes the following steps;

1. Filing a divorce petition- this petition will outline your divorce requests and initiate’s the court system process.

2. Tell your spouse- a formal notification is necessary even if he/she knew about your plans. You can tell them using a third party or giving them the divorce petition directly.

3. Organize temporary orders- Such orders involve those things that will help manage during the divorce period. Your lawyer will help you know whether a court hearing or an agreement is best. These orders can determine who can stay in the family premises, freeze the marital property, take care of custody, child support, and property maintenance until the case ends or a court order takes effect.

4. Discovery – this process involves exchanging the documentation of debts, assets, and other essential details for a smooth divorce. Discovery is usually daunting, but with an experienced lawyer, it’s a simple process.

5. mediation and negotiation _this step is usually complicated and time-consuming. During mediation and negotiation, the divorcing parties agree on the best settlement terms, including children’s custody and money and property division.

6. Finalization. You’ll finally finalize the divorce process by drafting and signing all the necessary documents.

Do’s and don’ts for a smooth divorce.

Failing to hire a divorce lawyer can come with various repercussions, all of which a divorce attorney can help you avoid. Your lawyer will advise you on the do’s and don’ts during a divorce to confidently and successfully get through with the process. Some of them include;


1. Protect your children’s wellbeing. Divorces can affect children drastically, and being there for them as a parent is necessary.

2. Take proper care of yourself. Most individuals usually neglect their wellbeing and friendships during divorces, which isn’t healthy. It’s best you eat well, go for walks, meditate, and socialize. In short, you should indulge in things that can keep you from stressing and improve your focus on the next life journey.

3. Be keen with your budget. Finances are usually a biggie during divorces. It would be best to prepare a clear and realistic budget and find all the required financial paperwork for a smooth divorce and easy settling.

4. It’s best you remain on speaking terms with your spouse. If it’s not possible, you can decide on a neutral speaking channel like texting or mailing.


1. Don’t be aggressive. A divorce can make someone combative, particularly when the individual feels betrayed. It’s advisable to avoid any form of aggressiveness since it can become uncontrollable over time and cost you dearly.

2. Don’t hide or alter essential documents.

3. Don’t represent yourself in court since most divorces, even those that seem straightforward can be too complicated.

4. Don’t comment negatively on your spouse’s social media pages since they use your words against you during proceedings.

5. Don’t rely on digital financial and legal documents since they are easy to alter.


Marriage dissolution is challenging and expensive to do, particularly if you don’t have proper legal representation. However, you can efficiently and successfully finalize this process if you hire a skilled Austin Divorce Lawyer to present all your interests for a fairer settlement.