Sometimes people need to gain a better understanding of the legislation of one state or another. This may happen for various reasons and it is always useful. The easiest way to find out facts about a state’s legislation, like Iowa, for instance, is to access some of the official legislation websites. The first thing one should do is get acquainted to the meaning of the basic legislative terms and to the way the legislative process works.

While there is no one main officially recognized way to explore the legislation of Iowa or its legislative process and history, there are certain tips one could find useful in finding appropriate sources. First of all, the 3rd and the 4th chapters of the Iowa code talk about Iowa statutory construction. This is how anyone can find the usual sources courts take into account when trying to interpret ambiguous provisions of statute. Of course, there are other sources that provide information about statutory interpretation.

Then, of course, one can consult the cases in which the court has already ruled on statute interpretation. Furthermore, there may be certain legislative analysis books available. And what’s more important, since there are so many acts and bills, one may want to know what changes have occurred. Here’s the tip: one can look at the end of each section of the code as well as at each act and bill book. This is where information about changes that have occurred can be found. The end of the study bill and the end of the introduced bill are other places where one can find relevant information.

Also, checking the House and Senate journals, reports, bill drafting files and committee minutes are other ways to find out about the legislative process in Iowa, how it works and where it leads.

And most importantly, anyone can find an unofficial version of the Iowa Code online.