People going through a divorce often have problems getting their child’s custody. Of course these parents have lawyers who give them legal advice, but it never hurts to highlight some of the most important steps in gaining child custody.

First of all, when the parent moves out he or she should make sure that where they live is a safe environment for the children. Every judge in every court of law will look at this aspect, first thing. Then, it is important that the child’s change of address doesn’t cause a change of schools.

Another factor is whether the parent’s work schedule fits the child’s routine. If necessary, one might consider changing their job, although being unemployed during the trial never helps. Perhaps something can be worked out with the employer. It is never a good idea to start cohabitation with someone else during the custody trial. One’s life and self image should convey a message of stability.

The child should never be involved in the problems between the spouses who are divorcing. If one of the parents breaks that rule, the other one can use the evidence in a court of law to easily gain custody. Avoid saying bad things to the child about the other parent, your spouse. One should do everything possible to keep the child outside the pressures of the custody battle.

Also, although one is very likely to have a lawyer who provides legal advice and a legal strategy, it is always a good idea to read the law with one’s own eyes and to try to understand the details.

Also, it is always advisable to facilitate the other spouse’s custody and to take into account one’s own needs and possible limits, financial or of other nature. Once you’ve become aware of what the law requires you to do, never, under no circumstances break those requirements, regardless of how passionate you feel about the divorce trial and the child custody battle.